Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My little Formal

A week ago today, I got to celebrate the end of my high school years with my year 10 formal. It was a beautiful night full of stunning dresses, it was  a night I was looking forward to for a long time. I mean I was one of those people who planned months in advance, and was super excited to dress up and have everything looking Perfect.

I went for a 50's/Disney princess/quirky look on the night. My dress was a dream, a Bettie Page dress named Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty's real name) and when I spun the dress actually shimmered from pink to blue just like in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

I designed the shoes myself on Shoes of Prey. There was a really specific look I wanted for the shoes and because I kind of have big feet, I needed the size to be perfect. I also really love the style of this shoe - you can find my design here.

Up to accessories, I had the Swarovski Bella Mini Light Rose Pierced Earrings which you can find here. The transparent - silver fleck clutch was from Gregory Ladner, the pale pink pearls were from markets in Darwin and the sunglasses I borrowed from my sister to keep the sun out of my eyes for photos.

Jo.Hall Hair did an amazing job on my hair considering how much I have. I loved the style of it and people were complimenting me all night on the style, it was quite heavy though and at times I felt my head toppling over for no reason.  The night I took my hair there was the biggest relief of the weight that was taken of the back of my head. Also there seemed to be hundreds of bobby pins in my hair when I took it out. I loved my hair though and wished that I could have kept it in for a while longer, I miss having this style so much.

Last but not least my makeup was done by the brilliant Benefit who perfected my retro princess look. Considering the fact I rarely wear make-up and don't really like the idea of wearing it to often I really appreciated how the make-up was done to look natural and it look amazing in the photos.

My night was great though I turned up in a 1950 Custom Mercury and was last to arrive due to the fact my car broke down just before getting there. I felt amazing though as a retro disney princess and I can't wait to get back into Blogging weekly fashion blogs next year.  


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