Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Parade alert: Help from the Underground

'Help from the Underground' is a new tradition introduced in 2012 by Clint Hutchinson to help raise money for the homeless in Canberra. 
And, in all its glory, the event is a Fashion Show that last year took place in a basement car park.
The show features styled clothing from the Vinnie's Warehouse (op-shops).
The show is free to attend, and accepts donations at the door, it was a huge success last year with more than 500 people attending and raising a massive $18,000. 

This year the event returns on Wednesday 12th June, still as a free show.

This year they hope to raise double of last years raising's. I unfortunately can not make it to the show due to school events, however I will still do a blog post after the show.

I think this is a wonderful idea to raise money and some of my favourite clothing items have been bought from Vinnie's and alike shops. I can't wait to see footage from the show, and has a wonderful post showing designers from Fashfest rummaging through the warehouse finding those special finds that will make up their looks for the parade. 
I am pretty disappointed that I can't make it but I can't hide my excitement for the possibility to go to next years show if the tradition continues.

If you would like to donate to the event or RSVP tickets you can visit the home website here.  

A model from last year's show

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