Sunday, May 12, 2013

We need to talk about the 20’s.

With film TheGreat Gatsby soon to hit cinemas the style of the 1920’s has caught everybody’s eye.  Also known as the roaring 20’s or the jazz age the main style came from young women after the war stepping out of what society expected of them. This woman drank, smoked, danced and cut her hair short.

Their clothing style was a youthful elegance, loose clothing that fell around their body allowing them to dance.  It all had an art deco element is shapes and glamour, extravagance meant a lot from diamond hair accessories to jewels and fabric details draping of their clothes.

The movie has caught up on so much hype for the 20’s that Tiffany & Co. are even selling the range they made for ‘The Great Gatsby’ which includes some pieces used in the movie such as daisy’s diamond headpiece and other pieces that just scream roaring 20’s. My personal favourite is the pearl tassel necklace.

The designs in the movie itself are exceptional dripping with a style really setting the age of this movie. With the amazing work of Catherine Martin and designers such as Miucia Prada contributing to costume.  

 Overall it was a youthful, glamours age of fashion stepping out of social means and experimenting with the movement and design of fabric that sets this decade apart.  

I can't wait to see the movie.

The Great Gatsby & Tiffany & Co. collaboration

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