Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last week in Clothes Y1#6

What I wore...   I dedicate this week to everybody who froze and to think this is only autumn....

Felt Jacket
Jay Jay's shorts
Chinatown market leggings
Alannah Hill Yellow Bow

Roxy Jumper
Jay Jay Shorts
Chinatown market leggings
Scarf (from bedroom)
Felt fingerless gloves
Pulp Kitchen Pom Pom hat

Saba Jeans
REMO General Store  HeartT-Shirt
Valleygirl striped cardigan
Emily the Strange wrap belt
Coo Ca Choo Bow Hat
Possum Fur gloves from NZ
Vintage Reebok Sneakers

Inspired by Twiggy
Vintage 1960's dress (originally worn by by my grandmother)
Big W Button leggings

Flash On
Flash Off

On my nails...
b collection for Bloom: Bahamas


  1. WOW!! You look so nice and cool with you Twiggy inspired look!! Love it!!

  2. You look so beautiful as Twiggy, and like your mum in the 80s in those Saba jeans!