Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well here it goes the first post. My profile picture you might be wondering about it is a American Girl doll, yes not a Australian Girl doll but a American Girl doll I brought in New York while I was in America and if I get time I will blog a bit about that trip. 

All I really have the time and mind to write about now is my lovely Lego I built today. I wanted to start my blog well so why not start it with one of my favourite things. You can think of it of whatever you want to. Some ideas that come to my head when building it and looking at it were - a temple, a large caravan, a dog house caravan or something they would do in monster movers.
Princess Diaries
Kit Kitterege
Bridge to Terrabithia
Sabrina the teenage witch season 3 and 6
The Tribe
Professor Layton and the curious village
The Sims 3
Wii music
Soccer Score:
7-0 our favour and one goal scored by me.

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