Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craft, donuts and Lego

Craft Fair
Last weekend we went to the craft fair which was total crazy. There were so many stores and so many
very nice fabrics. We went past so many stores with so much cool stuff. One of the stores we managed to pick up some miniature Christmas lights which I shall put on my doll house this Christmas. Another store we found was a teddy bear shop where they sold items that would fit my American Girl. They had hats, belts,watches, shoes and bags. I brought my doll a little leather over shoulder bag which is really cute. We also got some fabric and other material to make a bag. After that we still had enough time to get to soccer out in Radford. When soccer was finished we went home and stated making donuts. The recipe I was using was from one of Jamie Oliver's books. So after a long time of trying to understand the recipe and making the dough, I made it into little balls like in the book but some I made into real little donut shapes,  twists and little croissants.Then into the deep-fryer and covered in sugar and Cinnamon.

The next day we spent four hours out looking at Lego. One hour was spent in line waiting to get in. That was so boring. We then had one hour looking inside which was pretty good my favourite bit was the train station and the Hogwarts Castle. It was really good they had Wallie and the Back To The Future car, they also had Paris and if you looked closely at each piece you would see out for character figures like R2D2. Then another hour was spent at the shop which was really, really small and it took forever just to grab hold of one thing. I ended up getting a doors and windows set and a little Lego dog which took forever to get hold of. The last hour was spent trying to get out, saying hi to people and shopping.

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